Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Adventure On The Island

Recently in the attic, I discovered a big box of my Primary School stuff. My school was great, if only for the fact that they forced you to write stories rather than do silly things like "maths" or even "lessons." The best find though, was this, my first ever book! Reprinted here, in its entirely, it tells the epic struggle of man against giant fish monsters, in its original format. No words or spellings have been changed. Hence the lousy, nay insane punctuation...
Adventure on the Island
by matthew marshall

The map
One day me Tom and Daniel were in our submarine when I found a treasure map. "Lets get the treasure" said Tom "I wouldn't if I were you I said." Daniel said "come on". OK I said and we went to the island. "This is easy" I said. But just then the submarine was attacked by sharks fortunately the submarine was not damaged. The sharks were so dumb they didn't realise the submarine was amde of metal. we were safe on the island

Exploring the Island
When me Tom and Daniel were on the Island I said Hey Tom we'd better make a map of this place. Why said Tom I said because if Were Lost We can find our way back. oh said Tom. So me Tom and Daniel were exploring the island. Daniel was tired so he went Back to the submarine and when Daniel was inside he went to bed to have a long long long long rest and he had some food to keep him company. in the subMarines cupboard Tiny Ted Leroy the Lion and Daniels ted and my toy Robot Were having a party. Back on the island I had found a sand pile. While Tom Was looking at Skull Cave I leaned against the sand pile and a door opened and I fell in.

The lightening jump.
"Help Tom Help" I said. Tom said "Matthew where are you". I said Down here I think Iv'e found an under water base". "Where?" said Tom. "Down here" I said. Tom sais "Where's down here". I said "Look Tom I leaned against the sand pile and a door opened and I fell in". "Oh" said Tom. So Tom went over to the sand pile and Tom saw the Hidden door open and he went Down the steps and just then He saw me lying on the floor Tom said "Hey matthew why are you lying on the floor?". I said " I fell down Oinion head come on Lets get to the submarine to tell Daniel whats happened. "OK" said Tom, but then some giants appeared they weren't giant people but they were fish like giants. "Yikes" I said. Tom said "Help! the giants have Blocked the door way. I said "Tom Lets run down this corridor just then we Stopped. I said "Look Tom an appearing and disappeaiing floor oh oh the giants are going to catch us". Tom said Jump so me and Tom Jumped.

When me and Tom jumped I didn't notice that there was loads of giant fish on the other side. So when me and Tom jumped the fish like giants shouted "Boo". That made me and Tom lose concentratian so me and Tom fell down and down and down and down. I felt like the sky was falling on me. Tom felt like a baked bean suddenly there was an explosion and bodies Were lifted up by the the explosion. There were two bodies that looked like mine and Toms and the bodies looked like they were bleeding. The Giants Said we were dead.

 The Great Escape
I said "Ha Ha Ha Ha I don't believe it they fell for it". Tom said it was a good idea of yours to use those inflatable dummys and its lucky we had our protector shields with us". I said "I threw that bomb p to destract them and we dived into this chamber just in time! come onLets get help. So I got out my walky-talky and I tuned it on and this is what I said in it "matthew to base matthew to base do you read me? were in danger bring equipment Now!". Tom went over to me and said "matthew wouldn't it be great if there was a time machine". I said "um Tom there is and theres an escape machine. Come on Lets escape". So Tom and I went over to the escape machine. But Tom fell down a hole so I got into the escape machine and it took me outside and When I got out of the machine the machine disintegrated and then a fleet of submarines came into view and the teddy ship was alredy on the island. Tiny Ted got out of it riding bashasaurus. Then the Zoids came. Two Zoids were on one of the wwimming Zoids and Kannon Blasted two halves of the sea apart with his powerful cannon and if the sharks attacked manta zoid wolud kill them. When all the zoids were on the island the submarines got on the island and when the cuddly toys were out of the submarines the submarines transformed into robots so they broke the door open and then rescued Tom and destroyed the monsters. Then we got home.

Wasn't that exciting children? And if you're extra lucky, I may even upload my other stories...

...or not

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