Sunday, 26 October 2008

Batman's Greatest Boner

Usually when I review a work of fiction I will sit here and make wry and sarcastic comments at everything I see. This time however, it is different. This time I will simply let the tale do the talking.

The year is 1951. And in Batman issue 66, the reader is given the special treat of... "Batman's Greatest Boner"!
The Joker, clown-prince of crime, plans a dastardly ironic robbery. He robs the electrical centre by turning off all the power and stealing the lightbulbs! The cad! However he didn't realise that Batman and Robin were about, and the maniac was foiled again.

Gotham news soon report on this, and the Joker's boner of the year, newsworthy enough for front page news. However, the dastardly fiend is not amused...

And of course, how dare Gotham laugh at the Joker's boner? The Joker then decides to commit boner-related crimes and make lots of boners all over Gotham City. Can Batman possibly stop him?

Yes! Batman and Robin manage to foil the Jokers initial attempts at creating a boner and so the Joker makes a sinister threat!

Commissioner Gordon is worried about the Joker's threat, but Batman is on the case!

Batman and Robin investigate the greatest boners of all time in their secret hideaway in order to foil the fiendish fiend.

Unfortunately the Joker succeeds and tricks Batman into a boner. The press have a field day!

In the end though, of course, justice prevails. The Jokers attempts at concealment fail, as Batman reveals that the Joker committed the biggest boner of them all!

And... that's it. I'm so, so sorry. The scary thing is that this is not photoshopped in any way. This is how it was printed. Oh 1950's, what are you like!


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  2. A "boner" in the 50s referred to a stupid mistake. It's joined the many 50s words that now sound hilarious when seen in stories of the age, including "gay".

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  4. I have this page bookmarked and revisit it any time I need a laugh. Amazing.



  6. lmao 50s words r hilarious! lol boner

  7. meant 2 be against the batman not in love with him! lol Commissioner Gordon: I'm worried about the boner he's readying for you!

  8. LULZ! Nobody laughs at the Joker's boner!

  9. The word "boner" was used 13 times in this comic. Oh, the 1950s, we hardly knew ye.

  10. The less I know about the Joker's boner, the better.

  11. hee hee hee he said boner!