Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Little Matty Boy's Comics - CRUMBLE!

Presented here are my comic strips entitled CRUMBLE! that I made when I was around 9-10. Oh dear. Yes. I thought these were GOOD back then! Just click on the images to make them appear big in new windows. Enjoy... or not!

Issue 1
In which we meet our new heroes...

Issue 2
Just what is Flare-Man's secret?

Issue 3
Who are the aliens that reside on the moon?

Issue 4
A finale so pant-wettingly exciting, it has to be reduced to one page

Issue 5
A resurrection of Crumble that was cancelled half-way through it's first episode... unfinished. Aaaw

Crumble - Generation 2
Another remake that fell by. But this time, after two whole pages! Can the gang survive this lame Dr Who rip-off? No.

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