Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Secret Door

In a lame attempt at getting out of putting any effort whatsoever in today's article, I just scanned in my second epic tale from primary school, a sequel to "Adventure On The Island." Bet you were looking forward to this, eh?

There are a number of points to be made. Firstly, this was the first tale to be written on computer (the school's hi-tech Acorn, with it's 5 inch floppies) and... well, it's just interesting, dammit. Secondly, whilst again I have put the text down here as I originally wrote it, I have taken the liberty of finally correcting a mistake made by the teacher, after I forced her to type it up, namely replacing the word "rocket" with "rock" in chapter 4, thus making the story make sense again. You will not believe how pissed off I was at the time.

Note also the point at which this story becomes Transformer fan fiction. The teacher never realised this though, and so I was praised for my originality. Whee. The chapter 4 below is not actually the originally planned chapter 4 - in fact, the draft ending for chapter 3 ended with a cliffhanger promising "Poo Monsters." There was a picture and everything, but this was vetoed for some strange reason by my teacher. Nevertheless, I may dig this out of my attic one day, and scan it in so all may enjoy the glory. And without further ado, I bring you:
The Secret Door

by Matthew Marshall

Chapter 1 - The mysterious door

One day I went out exploring and I suddenly came across a wall. There was some Ivy on the middle bit. Then I saw a door on the wall. The door was a sort of semi Circle shape. It had Ivy growing on it.It had rusty hinges and a rusty lock .I wondered what was inside so I charged at it.But it didnt budge. Then my feet felt something hard. I stepped off and picked the hard thing up the hard thing was keys then I tried one in the lock!

 Chapter 2 - Behind The Door

I pulled the door but the door didn't move, so I went and got Daniel Duke but he was in the middle of a game on his computer. I had to wait three hours before he finished. Then Daniel had to put his name in.After Daniel had put his name in I said "It's about time!"

Daniel went with me to get Tom but Tom was making an invention so we had to wait four hours before he finished. I said "It's about time" We went to the door and used Daniel's head as a battering ram. Daniel's head broke through. Tom said "The door leads to a dimentional portal,"

 Chapter 3 - Monsters

Tom stepped into the dimensional portal. Then Daniel did. Then I did. The door shut and we zoomed into the middle of the dimensional portal. There were three doors. Tom chose number two so Tom went in number two Daniel didn't want to go in so I threw a banana in and Daniel zoomed in. Then I got in and shut the door. Then some monsters appeared. Daniel drew his banana and shot some monsters. I drew my sword and killed some monsters. Tom drew the curtains and he strangled some monsters. Then we went ahead. We were searching for the right portal to get out.

Chapter 4 - The Fight

Daniel had stopped for a tea break, I had as well. Tom kept on walking. I filled my cup with tea then I broke it. Then Daniel did the same. Tom had walked on four miles when he saw a car shaped like a banana. The car stopped. Daniel poked his head out of the banana car and said "We were so far behind that Matthew got this car out of his pocket." Tom hopped in the car. What they didn't know was that they were being watched by an evil being called Zarak. Zarak was sending for all the monsters he controlled. When all of the monsters came Zarak said, "Destroy the Super Heroes!"

Back in the banana car Tom saw lots of monsters charging at them. He said. "Put on the force field." So Daniel put on the rocket boosters. I said to Daniel, "You spud head, you were supposed to put on the force field. Now we're going to crash into that rock!" Daniel threw Tom into a bin. Then the rock seemed to open. We sped into Zaraks base. Suddenly Zarak grabbed the bin and said, "If you want your friend you have to get him." Then Zarak got Tom upside down and attached Tom's leg to a rope above a pot of disintegrating liquid.

 Chapter 5 - Space Pods

Zarak said, "The wrong move and your friend is history!" "Actually my name is Tom." said Tom. Zarak pulled a lever and the floor opened up and Daniel and I fell down under it. Daniel said, "Look, the doors put together again!" I said "We don't know the way. Daniel said "Let's call the space pods." I got out my communicator disguised as a watch and said, "Matthew to base, Matthew to base. Do you read me?" The reply came, "We read you. What do you want?" I told them to send an army of space pods. In no time the pods arrived and we got in.

Chapter 6 - The battle's end.

"Zarak's base is dead ahead," said Daniel. "Don't use that word until this adventure is over, " I said. "I know how to get Zarak," Daniel said. "How?" I asked. "I'll use the robots." Soon the space pods landed all the robots and Daniel and I got out into Zarak's base. But it was too late. Zarak had bonded with Scopenok. Suddenly he got bashed. I ran and rescued Tom. Then we got into the space pod and all got safely home.

There, another epic over! Did you spot the twist ending, with the sudden inclusion of "Scopenok"? Well, I sure didn't, and I wrote the thing!

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