Wednesday, 12 November 2008


It is the year 2005. The heroic Autobots, poorly led by Alpha Trion, have been utterly and totally defeated by the Decepticons in a surprise attack. Surprise meaning the Decepticons walked up to the Autobots and shot them. Repeatedly. With guns, no less.

Galvatron: Bwah ha ha ha. Yes, my pathetic paper soldiers, we have destroyed the entire Autobot army. Already Springer lies dead...

Triggerhappy: Well, someone accidently stepped on him, boss

Soundwave: And Gnaw.. he never saw that drawer coming... tragic

Galvatron: Pah, who cares? Our new paper forms make us faster and stronger! Who needs Action Masters? Soundwave - stop slouching

Soundwave: Kinky... 

 Triggerhappy: True, true, boss. Although I don't see why I still have to be a flippin' Targetmaster. My little gun buddy.. scares me

Blowpipe: Ah'm gonna BLOW you away

Triggerhappy: Boooooooooss...

 Galvatron: No matter. Now, Autobot - do you surrender, or I shall shoot you with this square paper tube that cannot possibly hold any flammable device at all?

Jazz: If only us Bots had a decent leader - but we chose Alpha Trion, the suckiest dude alive. Who will save us now? 

 Suddenly, to a great fanfare, the wall explodes, revealing...

Emirate Xaaron: HAHAHAHAHA - I'm gonna whup yo aft, Galvatron!

Galvatron: He is but one Bot - he cannot hope to win!

 Barely 6 seconds later all the villains bar one are lying WHOOPED


Jazz: Xaaron, we should have chosen you to lead us!

Xaaron: Cease your whining!


 Galvatron: I am a creation of the dark lord Unicron - I cannot be defeate-urgh


Galvatron: Are you all right, old chap?

Xaaron: I'm going to WHUP you, then do you up the A$$

Galvatron: Oh, really? Bwah!

 Xaaron: Really!

Galvatron: Noooooooooooooo

 And the moral of today's story? Don't mess with Emirate Xaaron!


  1. Yes. That is precisely how it would go. *Thumbs up.*

  2. ... Wow, I didn't know Emirate Xaaron was, you know, that way.

  3. Why is Hot Rod with the Decepticons?