Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Journey To The Bottom Of The Earth

Venturing into my attic today for what might be the last time in months, I found a box of all my old primary school junk. And yes, you know that that means, lucky lucky lucky… This story was different, however - I'd explain it, but I think myself as a kid in the introduction to this epic novel will suffice…

Oh, and I couldn't shut the attic door, so it's going to randomly swing down and decapitate someone. Peachy.

Journey To The Bottom Of The Earth

By Matthew Marshall

Explanation of how we made the story

First we got into groups of about five, then Mrs Stripp handed round a box with objects in it. Two people from each group picked out an object each. We chose a secretary to write the first chapter and we all put our ideas towards it. When we had finished the first chapter Mrs Stripp put all the objects that the groups were using, on the unit so that the groups couldn't get the same objects again. Then two more people from each of the groups took two more objects each. Our group took three objects. We had to write the last chapter by ourselfs. Then we put our finished work on the computer after we had corrected spellings and checked for ful-stops and capital letters.

Chapter One

It was 45 minutes past Midnight. Mr and Mrs White were having a romantic meal in Manson Grotworth. Outside there was something tapping, tapping, tapping on the door mat. Mr White crept towards the door with the family silver spoon. He quickly opened the door to reveal the … murdering death cat!
Mr White went back to his living room to find that his wife had eaten his tea. "Right you, take that!" he said.
Grabbing his glass cutter and approaching his wife he threw the cutter over to Mrs White…….. but Mrs White was not there.

Chapter Two

Mr White looked at the place where Mrs White was standing. A trapdoor leading to the bottom of the world. He phoned the Taunton White Igoo Trailers Sergeants (T.W.I.T.S for short!). (They were detectives). He told them that his wife was missing and he wanted a guaranteed expert to help find his wife. He promised to send £500,0 in the post, to cover the cost. A second later, there was a knock at the door. It was a T.W.I.T.S. man. He said his name was private eye Bakebeans, codename HEINZ. Mr White showed him The Trapdoor To The Bottom Of The World (T.T.T.T.B.O.T.W. for short!). Private eye Bakebeans climbed down there. He climbed back up for a torch. He climbed back down again.

Private eye Bakebeans felt cold, even though his had a warm winter jacket on!

He heard a mysterious voice scream "Yoldaliiii yoldeleeeee yodaleeeiiieeeiieiei". Bakebeans heart felt even more cold. He turned on the central heating . "Gas Electric is a wonderful thing" he muttered to himself. Before he could do anything he fell over. He saw that he had tripped over a piece of string. It had three knots in it. One end was frayed. He put it in his pocket. He was walking down a downward-sloping slope, when he saw some button mushrooms. With them was an old, wooden button. Bakedbeans took it as evidence.

Suddenly a ghost appeared in front of him. The ghost was red all over with things that looked like intestines and eye balls all over him. Bakedbeans looked in his Eye Spy Ghosts book to see what it was called. Bakedbeans found out that it was called Spaghetti Sauce. It was a harmless ghost and it died of a heart attack while messily eating some Spagghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce. Spagghetti Sauce barred his way and held up a feather. He ment to tickle private eye Bakebeans to death! Luckily the feather fell from his fingers because ghosts can't hold things. Bakebeans walked right through him, picking up the feather. He was right at the bottom of the earth now. He saw a lady, it must be Mrs White he thought, because there is a name tag pinned on her. She was suspended over a vat of nasty stuff.

Beside her was Bitpit Sloppy, codename YUCK. Bitpit was a dangerous enemy of Bakebeans. Bakebeans threw the button, the string and the feather at Bitpit. But as there was twenty metres between them, separated by a pool of lava and Bakebeans was a bad thrower, the objects fell into the lava and burnt to a frazzle. Beside Bakebeans was a multi mega bazooka. He picked it up and blew Bitpits brains out. Now Bakebeans had the problem of getting to Mrs White and rescuing her from certain death. Behind Mrs White was a lift, so getting back was no problem but how was he going to save Mrs White?

How will he save her?

Will he find a bridge?

Will he try and jump?

Or will he just leave her and face being fired?

Will something unusual happen?

The choice is yours!
And then it ends. Proably because I was lazy or ran out of space. Who knows? Who cares? Answers on a postcard please.

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