Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Adventures of Tom Jane Punisher

Who is Tom Jane Punisher? Don't you know? Are you stupid?

2004 saw the cinema classic Punisher movie, starring Tom Jane. Tom Jane Punisher was awesome, as he attacked villains with ice lollys, and spent lots of time building cars only to have them smashed to bits a moment later.

I got very excited when I heard there would be another film starring Tom Jane Punisher. Apparently he would be fighting a living jigsaw or something. But then my mind began to wander, and I found out the truth - that it would be a film entirely about Tom Jane Punisher's attempts to steal ice cream from a polar bear armed only with a gigantic spoon.

Polar bears aren't new to The Punisher. The comic featured a non-Tom Jane Punisher fighting polar bears for their delicious ice cream. See the first appearance of Clive the polar bear below

Marvel even brought out a toy of Tom Jane Punisher, which I bought because he rocked so hard (his name is actually Tom Jane Punisher, in case you got confused by my wittering). Here he is with Clive, his best friend:
Now, one of my friends got very upset that Free Comic Day was not happening in Birmingham where we live. So he asked me to make him a comic starring Tom Jane Punisher, the Hulk and a dragon. The results are below. And I think you can all agree... its best that it is free!

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