Monday, 9 February 2009

Tony Lee On New Who Comics

The New York Comic Con has been raging on, and one of the more interesting pieces of news coming out of it is that IDW, flush from the success of all their miniseries have commissioned a new Doctor Who ongoing comic. I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with begoateed British writer Tony Lee who is on the project to answer a few questions.

But Voord fans (yes both of you) will be disappointed...

Tony has in the past had a lot of success, not only writing the acclaimed Doctor Who miniseries The Forgotten, but also Starship Troopers, X-Men and an incredible amount of original work. It is said that if he ever stops writing then the world will blink out of existence.

On Mr Tony
1 - Have you ever dressed up as a giant pink Care Bear?

Yes. I have. Move on, Marshall.

2 - Elsewhere on my site I've documented the embarrassing comics I made as a kid. Did you ever make your own, and if so, what were they?

Actually, I did this stickman script called 'space' where a stick hero stopped a stick invasion of stick aliens (who looked like stick man with a batman helmet on) in a collection of four panel strips. I would do them after I finished my exams in that time before i could leave the examination room. No dialogue. It was good stuff too, no idea where they are now.

3 - If you could write anything at all, be it someone else’s characters or your own idea, what would it be and why? I mean, you've already done MILF Hunter, but there must be more!

Alfred The Butler, Nick Fury, Hob Gadling; John Constatine, The Authority, DV8, Wolverine, Sage, hell there's a whole LIST of people I want to write...

As for me? Harker is going to be awesome.

4 - With your Doctor Who and Robin Hood work, as well as your upcoming King Arthur graphic novel, you seem to be stalking BBC Saturday evenings. What's next on the horizon?

Dale Winton and Ant'n'Dec. They fight Crime.

Funny enough, both Merlin and Hood were announced AFTER I mentioned I was doing the books. So expect a Saturday night show doing Vampires and Van Helsing and Mina... Oh, wait.

5 - Pitch me a comic adaptation of the popular 90s snooker quiz show Big Break, with Jim Davidson and John Virgo

Big Break: Crisis on Infinite Cushions - John Virgo and his racist tw*t mate save the universe with the careful use of pool cues and a joke about immigrants...

6 - Take a good look through my Magical Time Telescope (that’s what it is, honest officer!). Where do you see yourself five years in the future?

Have you seen The Wrestler? That. But in comics.

On Doctor Who

7 - The Forgotten is a story with all ten Doctors. Was it hard to resist being like Terrance Dicks and just calling it The Ten Doctors and then rubbing yourself with money?

Rich Morris already does The Ten Doctors and I like it too much to steal the title. I was thinking though of 'The Nine Doctors and the other one', or 'Who, M.D'...

8 - What is the most underrated Doctor Who story that you like? Personally I am rather partial to Warriors of the Deep, in concept if not execution (and boy there should have been an execution after that!)

Five Doctors. It always gets slammed as an 'event' story but there were moments of utter genius.

9 - Have you ever felt that there was a lot of unresolved sexual tension between the Doctor and the Daleks?

That's a Time War tale we're not allowed to tell.

10 - You've now written for every single Doctor (so far!), which is a pretty rare achievement. Which is your favourite to write about?

Tennant, by far. Although I enjoyed them all. The problem was that I only had eight or so pages each, so I couldn't really get underneath the hood, but Tennant us just so much fun to write!

11 - There's been a lot of announcements from New York Comic Con, some of them a bit confusing. You've been fingered for a Doctor Who miniseries "The Time Machination" but also for an IDW Doctor Who ongoing. Are you doing both? Are they the same thing? Will my head not only explode but implode

Time Machination is a 22 page one shot out in May with Paul Grist on art. Victorian London, Torchwood, classic Who connections, much fun.

Then two months later, the ongoing starts. There will still be one shots happening though by other people!

12 - Does the arrival of Matt Smith on the scene in 2010 pose problems for a Doctor Who ongoing, or will that be addressed in the book?

Matt Smith Who starts in #18, around Dec 2010. It's already written into the arc. It'll bookend the whole eighteen issue 'season' nicely.

13 - With the new series moving away from using old monsters, what will your plans be in the comics? Reintroduce and invigorate old villains, or introduce new and exciting ones unbound by continuity (no girly fence-sitting answer please)

Both. We have new season villains returning, totally new characters and races and a couple of Third Doctor mainstays coming to play - and not in ways you would expect...

14 - Will (Voord) any (Voord) exciting (Voord) old (Voord) monsters (Voord) (Voord) be (Voord) returning? (Voord)

No. We gave you a panel and a shout out in The Forgotten. Give it up. Walk away. Never gonna happen. Maybe. Possibly. Who knows :)

15 - God, it is going to be amazing, isn't it? Tell me more about how amazing it will be

It's scary as hell. When I did The Forgotten, I did the best I could because I thought that it was my only chance. Now I have to keep that level on every story.

But so many people come to tell me how they loved it, I can't help but to feel blessed. This really is the most amazing, awesome job in the world.

And I will give the public shoutout here (as I did on the IDW panel) to you as one of the three guys who helped me on the scripts, my first draft readers, thanks again, sir. I owe you a beer.

You can read about more of Tony's stuff on his website at


  1. Exciting stuff. Really looking forward to this.

    Shame about the Voord though.

  2. I found your Voord Internet Adventure chapter only this morning you know!