Tuesday, 24 March 2009

[Turtlewind] Dear Mr Doctor Who

Dear Mr Doctor Who

I enjoy your adventures tremendously, as you battle against evil in the Universe and in Surrey. I fight evil too, and you are my role model, along with Bananaman. Most of the evil I fight consists of the boys who throw stones in my village, but I want to buy a TARDIS so I can also fight evil in Bulgaria because they are never on the news and so I think they are up to something, possibly involving stuffing puppies with depleted uranium. My evil fighting name is Turtlewind. As names go, it is not as good as yours, but it is better than Bananaman.

I hope you are enjoying your time travelling, and that you will be on television again very soon. But don’t bring K9 because he is rubbish.

If one of your Time Lord colleagues wants to sell his TARDIS, I can go as high as £173.

Happy times and places

Your friend
The Mysterious Mr Turtlewind, Esq

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