Wednesday, 19 August 2009

[Comic] A Voice In The Dark

The Transformers: Mosaic project is a fan-based project to get artists and writers working together to create fancomics.

Below is my piece, entitled 'A Voice In The Dark', featuring the very obscure characters Sky High and Submarauder. Submarauder isn't even named, which is a deliberate choice on my side. I wrote and coloured it, Jake Isenberg did the art, and Mark Kuggeleijn did the lettering. And honestly, it is probably my favourite piece yet, which frustrates me because however much I try, I can't write anything better!

Click the image for the big version!


  1. This is, without exaggeration, the best Mosaic I've seen. A decent twist, a chilling sense of true gothic writing and a healthy respect for obscure characters. Fantastic.

  2. An interesting tale, with a twist on the end. And I like the art work too.