Monday, 21 December 2009

[Comic] The Meals Of Sin

The Transformers: Mosaic project is a fan-based project to get artists and writers working together to create fancomics.

After a lot of serious, sensible pieces, I threw a real curveball and produced The Meals Of Sin, a bizarre comic featuring McDonalds Happy Meal toys having an ultra violent fight in the style of Sin City. I was hoping it would upset and confuse people, but people seemed to really really like it. Oh well!

For those of you not experts in the field of Transformers fast food toys (shame on you!), the hero of our tale is the valiant Under-3 and his enemy is the evil Rally's Rhinox, lovingly known by the fandom as Rallnox.

Due to the immensity of the challenge, Mark Kuggeleijn assisted me with writing duties, and  Andy Turnbull locked himself in a cave, shunning all human contact for ten years in order to truly capture the feel of the art.
Click the image for the big version!

[Comic] Blackest Night

The Transformers: Mosaic project is a fan-based project to get artists and writers working together to create fancomics.

Blackest Night is another of my one-page Transformer comics, and one of the most popular to date (currently it seems to be neck and neck with Voice In The Dark). It actually isn't anything to do with DC's Blackest Night, but it features all the black repaints up to no good, the pun was just too good to resist.

See if you can name all the characters in it, of course if you're not a die-hard fan, not realising who anyone is shouldn't spoil it in any way. At least that is the idea. Some of the characters in this were black repainted keyrings from Japan, see if you can spot a keyring loop in one of the panels!

Like with many of my other pieces, I wrote and coloured it, Jake Isenberg did the art, and Mark Kuggeleijn did the lettering.
 Click the image for the big version!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Secret Diary of Generation 2 Jazz

The below torrid tale appeared in the TMUK: 25 Years Of Transformers magazine available at the 2009 Auto Assembly convention. It is reproduced here by kind permission of the mag's editor, Andy Turnbull. Pictures are by the wonderful and crazy Ari.

March 2nd 1993
After years of peace, our worst nightmare has come true - Megatron has returned!

It was another quiet day on Cybertron. The Last Autobot was telling us about the time he scored the winning goal in the 1966 World Cup (he is such a liar) and Hot Rod wouldn't leave that Primus-damned noisy Cybernet space cube alone. Just as I was about to insert the space cube into Hot Rod in a new and exciting way, the alarms sounded. It seems Megatron survived the destruction of the Ark, and teamed up with a ruthless terrorist organisation named COBRA. Luckily another ruthless terrorist organisation known as GI Joe was on hand to feed us intel from the scene.

Megatron is now a sweet green tank. He's painted his face purple and shouts 'Megatron Attack!' a lot.

Since the end of the war, Optimus had been much less visible, retiring to a life of peace and calm. When he saw the reports however, he grew agitated, jumping up and down and demanding his own voice unit. I think he may currently be painting his trailer black. An elite team has been dispatched to take out Megatron.