Thursday, 22 April 2010

Mad German Transformer Comics

I've not been about much, you can blame the daily grind of work for that. But I've got a few exciting things I've been working on, fear not! In the meantime, I've been finding some really funky covers for German Transformer comics which I present for your enjoyment. I've not got them all sadly, and any information on them at all would be welcome. Most foreign Transformer comics just reused the US artwork, but in Germany, oh-ho, no they did not!

We kick off with issue 1, which is sadly the most boring of the lot. The cover is just a reprint of the cover for 'Warrior School', and I'm going to assume it is the same story within (how German fans were supposed to keep up with the selection of stories that the covers would indicate, I'm not sure). Notice Buster Witwicky though, the Germans seems to really like him...