Thursday, 22 April 2010

Mad German Transformer Comics

I've not been about much, you can blame the daily grind of work for that. But I've got a few exciting things I've been working on, fear not! In the meantime, I've been finding some really funky covers for German Transformer comics which I present for your enjoyment. I've not got them all sadly, and any information on them at all would be welcome. Most foreign Transformer comics just reused the US artwork, but in Germany, oh-ho, no they did not!

We kick off with issue 1, which is sadly the most boring of the lot. The cover is just a reprint of the cover for 'Warrior School', and I'm going to assume it is the same story within (how German fans were supposed to keep up with the selection of stories that the covers would indicate, I'm not sure). Notice Buster Witwicky though, the Germans seems to really like him...

And here we go! Issue 2 starts with a recognisable Prime, and then some other guys. Is that Mirage or Sideswipe behind him? Who is that in front? Why is that man about to punch him? Why does that kid have a remote control? Which issue could this possibly be reprinting? I'd love to hear any guesses!

With issue 4, we get to the best bit of these covers - whoever coloured them were obviously colour blind. No colours seem to match up at all - it isn't like reference material would have been difficult to find. I was wondering who it was that was fighting the fruit-pastille coloured Dinobots, but it seems to be Shockwave, who has disguised himself as Ratchet, whilst Optimus Prime unleashes Ravage on some humans. The monster!

I'm willing to bet this is printing the 'Prey' arc from the UK comics - Prime is faced by some odd, multicoloured Predacons, whilst Buster floats in the air waving goodbye to Prime. (Buster of course, does not appear in Prey, but he seems to have got an AMAZING agent in Germany and appears everywhere!)

Continuing the UK reprints, we have Prime on Cybertron fighting a green and orange Guardian! Ultra Magnus is on some amazing drugs (is he coloured like Whirl?) and Outback has been replaced by Buster.

I'm not sure what is going on here, it took me a while to realise that the figure on the left is Prime! On the right is, of course, Safety Megatron, resplended in his neon colours that make him a safe and legal toy gun replica.

Straxus! God I love this. It's always amazing finding official 80's Transformer art, especially art illustrating scenes from the UK comic. That this scene didn't actually happen is simply icing on the cake. (Maybe in Germany Straxus tried a mind-swap with Prime? Who knows!). Buster is there!

Optimus Prime vs G2 Scorponok! If ever we get a Scorponok reissue, I'm hoping that will be the E-Hobby recolour.

Again, I haven't a clue which story this is reprinting. I WANT to say it's the Wanted: Galvatron arc given Death's Head and the big volcano, but that didn't have Prime in. Still, Buster isn't on this cover unless he is really small. I especially love how Death's Head looks like a toad from Bucky O'Hare.

You know, I DO think this is Wanted: Galvatron, but with Prime (and Buster) popping up. The funky disco Galvatron and Rodimus in the background are especially entertaining. Why are they coloured like this, it baffles me!

Optimus Prime shoots Iguanus, and... is that a Junkion in the background? I have no idea.

Optimus Prime goes mad and snatches planes from the air, crushing them with his bare hands as Highbrow (?) looks on in terror! Does anyone know what is going on here? Anyone?

Safety Predaking! Predaking doesn't turn up much in the comics, so that narrows this issue down somewhat, but I'm still not totally sure.

Not a great image here I'm afraid, I want to say it is Ladies Night, but mostly due to there being a lady on the cover, and some generic robots standing about.

This one is great. Again, a shame the image isn't amazing, but Optimus Prime shakes his fist at a froggy Death's Head, whilst a giant yellow nosed Unicron looms over them! It's going to be Legacy of Unicron, but with added Prime!

An illustration of one of my favourite stories, Salvage! I especially like the Firecons, and the appearance of what seems to be a lion Firecon!

Some new Chuffer art from City of Fear! This increases the amount of art of Chuffer by approximately 100%. He's also seemingly trying to murder Ultra Magnus. Chuffer you monster! Also note that hilariously the artist didn't realise that it was an Autobot symbol on Chuffer's chest.

This might be my favourite of all of them, mostly because I am a huge Emirate Xaaron fan, and this cover manages to get just about every part of him wrong (purple and blue, no funny mouth) and yet still make it look like Xaaron. That might be Soundwave Springer is running into, it might not be. Any guesses are welcome!

It's the dreaded Double Trypticon! Given the surrounding covers, this is probably the City of Fear finale, but with 100% more Trypticon. Not sure who that in the foreground is supposed to be (surprise surprise).

Magnus fights Hooligan in 'Deadly Games' on Cybertron. And uh, Buster is there! Yay!

A shame I don't have a better shot of this one, it seems to be a rather nice cover for Wrecking Havoc. In order to not make it professional however, Cyclonus has decided to disguise himself as Hot Rod.

Now we get to some of the more mysterious comics. These seem to be 'specials'. A terrible scan here, but it looks like a redrawing of the cover to UK issue 100, just with more Buster and less accurate colours.

This is probably a Death's Head special, with... who IS that guy in the spiky hat? Stranglehold?

We end with a collection of stories that features our favourite villain, Safety Megatron.

I hope you've enjoyed this trip though German comics. I haven't yet found images of all of them, but you've got to agree, they are fascinating viewing!

Note: Since this was published, I went on ebay and bought nearly the entire collection, scanned them and made copious articles on them on as I have no life


  1. You should READ them. Even more shuffled than the covers. It were years before I finally understood some of the stories - because only then did I get my hands on the english originals - in the right order.
    The translations were done in a similar way of course. If the original were Shakespeare, the german version would be Britney Spears...

  2. It's like somebody went back in time, and stepped on a daisy or something, and it altered the future ever so slightly.

    Heck, maybe this is what the 'real' future should be like, and all we know is the result of a clumsy time-traveller. Somewhere, a Sam Beckett-a-like is trying to put it all right.

  3. The mysterious blue and magenta robot in the foreground of issue 22 is wheeljack. You just don't recognise him because he's not kissing Starscream.