Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Can MANTA Force Survive?

I'm on a bit of a MANTA Force kick at the moment as you might have gathered. Inside the box of Vile Stinkhorn's Bog Rocket I found a delightful comic! Now I will share this archive material with you. I hope it is as magical to you as it is to me.

But what is this! A twist in the tale? Yes gentle reader, all has become clear! YOU must complete this torrid tale in the box provided! E-mail me your entries and I'll put them up on this page, though you don't get to win a Bog Rocket :( (Unless I get desperate to offload it!)
Here is the first entry by me. An epic and moving twist ending to the story!

Here is my second attempt, an adult and mature look at serious issues through the lens of MANTA Force

This epic and eerie conclusion was sent in by an eager young chap by the name of Gavin Merrifield, age 2. At least I assume so by the drawing style...


  1. Good lord, I'd forgotten about this!

    I loved the idea of Manta Force as a kid, and the main white spaceship was a thing of beauty to me. However, I'd thrown my lot in with the Transformers and I was unprepared to whore myself out to anything else*

    *actually I would've happily caved in to Micro Machines, Battle Beasts and M.U.S.C.L.E. and I did with MASK, so I am a filthy slut.

  2. Manta Force rules I have just picked up the battle fortress off ebay like 99% complete, I still have my original Manta ship boxed and I am currently bidding on a couple small items! Good to see the Manta Force memory being kept alive!!

    BTW what do we win????

  3. Awwww mannnn!
    I know I'm over 21, but after seeing this ad, I WANT a "Vile Stinkhorn's Bog Rocket"!

    Yep, I've just admitted it, I'm one of the biggest geeks in the Universe, after writing this message!

    Heh, Heh!

  4. If you had MANTA Force back then,you were like a god!!!Damn!! I miss the 80s....kinda

  5. I entered this competition AND won one of the 24 prizes! If only I had a copy of my entry... :-(