Sunday, 17 May 2015

So What's This Blog About?

Way back in the mists of time, in internet pre-history (starting in 1999 if you can believe that) I used to have a blog. We didn't call them blogs in those days, we called them 'websites'. This was the time where you knew a website was cool by the amount of animated flame gifs and embedded midi songs it had.

I miss that age. It was a better time.

Anyway, I had a blog. It was popular for it's time. I mostly posted silly pop culture things, the most popular posts being some scans of a Batman comic where the Joker attempted to make Batman "pull a boner" (the 50s were a different time) and a Transformers parody comic about "jAaM". Of course, the articles I spent lots of time on, no-one cared about. Such is life.

I've archived my old blog contents from here, as the old site was unfortunately victim of some hacking, so I thought it best to move from Wordpress to Blogger. Ignore the posting dates, most of the articles on it were reposted in 2010ish when I lost my old hosting, they're really from the early 00s.

This blog is sort of a relaunch, sort of a "I want to write more stuff but not linked to the old." The old articles are a bit rubbish to be honest.

Here you'll mostly see posts on fun pop culture things like cartoons and Doctor Who and anything else that interests me (that is pretty much the entire list).

If you like what you see, leave a comment. Seeing comments makes me happy and makes me want to do more!

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