Monday, 1 June 2015

[Fiction] The Unmade Transformers Spotlight: Dirge Script

Spotlight: Dirge was a comic that sadly never got off the ground. Way back in 2010ish there was a lot of moaning about the direction that IDW was taking with 'All Hail Megatron', so I thought that rather than moan I would write what I'd like to see the line do. I ended up writing a complete 22 page script which I thought was rather great, with the intent of turning it into an Auto Assembly fanzine. Sadly I could never find an artist interested in helping out.

Still, here is the complete Spotlight: Dirge for your entertainment. Personally all these years later I still think it's pretty great and sad that I could never get it off the ground. Perhaps if it was about popular characters... I mean yes, no-one knows any of the characters in this, but I love obscure characters. It's always a shame when someone refuses to read something because "I don't know who the characters are." Buddy, that's the point of reading it, to find out. Fandoms aren't good at that concept.

But, you know, if anyone has a hankering to illustrate even one panel, be my guest!

Dirge was a Decepticon who was all about fear. I had the idea of making him into a psychologist investigator (the way his brown wings drape down his back and legs look almost like a trenchcoat).

Spotlight: Dirge is about how Dirge's attempts to live a quiet life are foiled when he's forced to go on a mission to investigate the mysterious Autobot terror cell known as 'Quickswitch'. The only clue is the prisoner in cell 42, but he's not talking to anyone. And neither will Dirge be if he's not careful.

View the script here

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