Tuesday, 21 July 2015

[Fiction] The Tragedy of Prince Sadim

"What a lovely life you lead, Prince Sadim!" The reporter clapped her hands together in delight as she sat in Prince Sadim's sitting room. The teacups danced about, and magical pots poured a cup of tea for her whilst singing.

"I suppose so," Prince Sadim leant back in his own chair, a large red velvet piece with large cartoon eyes that swayed from side to side. In front of him, chunks of coal danced from the scuttle into the fireplace, giving comical squeaks. The fireplace's grill broke into a cheeky smile. "Don't worry, they're used to that!" Sadim laughed.

"So much life!" The reporter sucked the end of her pen and scribbled down in her notepad. "Was it hard growing up? I mean, this looks amazing, but there must be some drawbacks!"

Sadim shook his head. "No, no, no drawbacks, madam. In fact, I learnt to both pity my brother Midas and his gold curse, and thank God that I could cure those he had accidentally touched. Sure, his touch brought wealth, but also death. Mine brings... life." He cupped a flower in his hands, which bloomed into a friendly face that he then passed to the reporter.

"And of course, your charity work!" The reporter continued. "You could stay in your palace, but instead you walk the streets and the hospitals..."

"Curing death, yes..." Sadim nodded thoughtfully. "This gift of mine has brought great joy to many families. I only hope that once I am gone, the world will still be as happy. Perhaps that is the only drawback of my power... the idea that one day, it will be gone."

The reporter grimaced. "We all pray that day will never come, dear prince. You are indeed blessed."
A servator quickly ran into the room, whispering into the Prince's ear. He looked up at the reporter. "There is an emergency, I must go. Please, enjoy this room and await my return."

The reporter sat on her chair, smiling at the wonderful moving creatures that populated every inch of the room, from the happy carpet to the joyful picture frames. "What a wonderful gift!" she sighed to herself.

Soon though, the prince had still not returned, and all the tea had taken its toll. Yes, the prince had told her to stay in the room, but needs must, and she stepped out of the ornate room and into the corridor, until she came to the bathroom.

"Hi, madam!" the taps squeaked happily.

"Let me!" the toilet said, lifting up its lid for her.

"T-thanks!" The reporter patted the toilet. "Okay, that's a bit offputting, but..."

"Help us, help us!"

A little squeaky voice came from a tiny door in the corner of the room. More and more voices piped up.

"Lady, help us! Let us out!"

The reporter knelt down and examined the door. It was made of wood, with a little lock on the front. The lock had googly eyes on it.

"Hello?" The reporter called out. "Hello? Who are you?"

"Let us out!" the voices squeaked. "He throws us in here as prisoners! Help!"

"No!" The lock cried. "The Prince must never let the prisoners out! Ever!"

The reporter pursed her lips. What terrible secret was the Prince hiding in here? Why was he locking these little creatures up when all the others roamed free happily? What could Prince Sadim's dark secret be, when all his life seemed so happy? The thought done, she forcefully drew back the lock and opened the door. "You're free!" she shouted.

"Yaaaaaay! Freeeeee!"

From out of the door skipped a small brown ovoid creature with googly eyes and cartoon legs. And then another. And another. All cheering "Yaaaaaaaay!"

The reporter was knocked over by the deluge of creatures as they escaped their captivity. "E-everything he touches turns alive!" she gasped, realising too late what they were.

She was in deep sh*t now.

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