Thursday, 2 July 2015

Marmite Chocolate

Marmite is one of those strange foodstuffs that is very polarising. Even the official marketing states that you might hate it. Personally, after years of hating Marmite I discovered it was actually pretty delicious.

Marmite follows the proud British tradition of finding something absolutely disgusting and eating it. Marmite is the scrapings of the scum from the brewing process. Usually this is thrown away, but someone had the amazing idea of spreading it on toast and a legend was born. I've found it is nice on bread and with cheese.

Of course, it is absolutely foul with chocolate.
It seems somewhat churlish to deliberately buy Marmite chocolate and then complain that it tastes like Marmite chocolate, but that's where we're at, people. Marmite chocolate is clearly a bit of a publicity stunt - foolish people like me will buy it for the novelty value, eat a bit and then feel silly for buying Marmite chocolate.

What does it taste like? It tastes like chocolate with Marmite in it. Not much Marmite, sure, but it's definitely there. A gritty Marmite taste in otherwise delicious chocolate.

But what did I expect? Bunnies and butterflies? It says Marmite on the packaging, it tastes like chocolate and Marmite. I paid actual money for it, and shouldn't have been surprised.

I am not regretful of this purchase. It is moments like this that help us learn who we really are. I bought Marmite chocolate. I put it in my mouth. I will not be buying any more.

I did, of course, buy it as a gift for as many people as possible.

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  1. This is what we do.

    Also, I adore how the packaging proclaims it to be "very peculiar". NO SHIT