Thursday, 13 August 2015

Could the Thundercats destroy the One Ring?

The one question that Lord of the Rings fans have asked since Tolkien first published his masterwork is "If Elrond had called up the Thundercats to dispose of the One Ring instead of the Fellowship, could they have done it?"

Well, could they?

The Thundercats wiki (yes, that is a thing) tells us that "Snarfs are the only creatures in the Universe incapable of evil." This gives Snarf a big advantage in carrying the One Ring and not becoming corruted.

He is incorruptible unless he is mind possessed, and only Saruman seems capable of that (and he never mind-possesses Frodo, only Theoden).

The team pile into the Thundertank. This heavily armoured vehicle is all-terrain and has laser cannons. This will help them get past lightly armoured foes and over rough terrain - for example by driving over the snowy mountains that the original Fellowship were unable to get past and thus forced to go via the Mines of Moria.

Their first obstacle will be the Ringwraiths. Let's assume they try to ambush the Thundercats at Weathertop again. Their battle with the Fellowship shows they are weak to physical weapons, so the Thundercats have a chance here. Tygra has invisibiity which isn't Ring-based, so this should give them an advantage. Lion-O can probably blast them with the light from the Sword of Omens which is seen to be anethemia to many evil creatures and force them to retreat.

Then they will meet their next obstacle - Saurman's Uruk-Hai led by Lurtz meet them at Amon Hen. The Urak Hai are hardy but lightly armoured and armed with crossbows. The Thundertank is a tank with lasers. The Thundertank simply plows through the Uruk-Hai. It fires a harpoon at Lurtz, killing him instantly.

Rather than head for Rohan, the Thundercats drive straight for Saurman's tower. Panthro doesn't stop, driving the Thundertank straight through the base of Isengard. The tower collapses, killing Sauron. The Thundertank music plays. It's pretty sweet.

Now, do the Thundercats try to break the seige of Gondor or drive straight for the Black Gate? I'd postulate that the time saved by driving there in the Thundertank means that Sauron's army is way behind schedule and so hasn't arrived at Gondor yet. The Thundercats can cut out this entire section of the quest by their speedy vehicle-based arrival.

They could try for stealth. Tygra could use his powers of invisibility to sneak through Mordor and drop off the ring. However Tygra has continually showed himself to be an enormous liability, constantly getting seduced by evil and mind-controlled. If there is anyone who will go Boromir on the group, it's Tygra.

Mordor is expecting a conventional army. They are not expecting the Thundertank to crash through the Black Gates, guns blazing. Jaga, the heroic ghost is given the Sword of Omens and empowered by Lion-O (as per the episode 'The Ghost Warrior') to battle Sauron's spirit one-on one.

What's with this dramatic attack? Why, it's a diversion, of course.

Cheetara, the fastest Thundercat, is carrying Snarf, running through Mordor whilst everyone is busy watching Jaga fight Sauron and the Thundertank blow stuff up. They reach Mount Doom and Snarf throws the ring in. If for whatever reason Snarf can't throw the ring in, Cheetara throws Snarf in. If for whatever reason the Ring manages to stop Cheetara throwing Snarf in, it would be simple for Panthro to use the Thundertank's weapons to shoot the Ring into the volcano.

Job done!

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