Tuesday, 4 August 2015

[Fiction] The World's Only Geocaching Fanfic

Geocache.jpg (512×384)
"I've found it! Go me!" Bob cheered to himself as he found the geocache. It had been cleverly hidden in a tub in the middle of the forest. He fumbled in his jacket for the Lego figure he liked to leave in caches that he found.

The peace and quiet of the woods was shattered as a figure leapt out from behind a bush, holding a knife. "Hah!" the man screamed. "Now you are a victim of the Geoslashers!"

"Yeah!" shouted another, popping out from inside a hollow log. And then a third tumbled deftly from the branches of a tree.

Bob looked about in panic. He was surrounded. "W-what do you want?" he gasped.

The man with the knife stepped forwards. "We're the GEOSLASHERS!" he grinned. "We lure geocachers out into the woods and then we..."

"We wee on them!" His comrade started to fumble at his trousers. "GeoSLASHERS, see!"

"What?" The third figure slapped him on the back of the head. Don't be stupid. We read them our erotic batman/superman fanfiction. GeoSLASHERS. Duh!"

"Wait. No. No. We murder them." The first figure with the knife turned on his fellows. "You know, like murderers."

"That's awful!" The second one began. "And a bit naughty too!"

"No kissing?" The third stroked their chin. "Can we at least read to them while doing it?"

Bob never heard the answer. He was busy legging it as fast as he could to freedom.

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