Tuesday, 29 September 2015

[Fiction] The Unmade Transformers: Mosaic Comics

I've previously posted all of the one-page comics I wrote for the Transformers: Mosaic project. However there were quite a few that just never found artists for whatever reason (or did find artists who then vanished never to be seen again. It's possible that any of the below ended up being finished but trapped on someone's computer).

For the first time, here are all the scripts I wrote that never made it to a final comic (or at least the ones I could find). Some are a bit rough (they were mostly written around 2007-09 ish) but... if anyone ever gets the urge to make one into a comic, go for it!

This was actually one of the very first scripts I wrote, solely because I had the toys of Hubcap and Hotrider on my shelf. It's a nice little one-shot, but I could never get the end to be 'punchy' enough.

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!
The Triggerbots hang out at the Cosmic Carnival from the Marvel comics and watch some sweet bike stunts. I liked this one, it was fun. No-one really wanted to draw 'fun' at the time though.

This was a spoof of the Japanese 'Kissplay' line that had just come out which seriously featured girls kissing Transformers to power them up. Yes, it's a joke beaten into the ground now but was cutting edge back then, let me promise you!

One Second
This was co-written with Tony Lee. Tony went on to work for IDW as their chief Doctor Who writer. I... didn't. I thought this was a great script and was always confused why I couldn't get anyone to draw it. Probably because no-one wants to draw Ultra Pretender Skyhammer (but really, it's their loss!)

Plastic Birds Don't Fly
A silly piece about where all the terrible Beast Wars toys go. It's probably a bit too long for a one-page piece, but I have a soft spot for it.

The Thin Red Line
This was a Masterforce comic. Honestly I don't think it works, it's basically just a "Hey, Masterforce was great, also somehow fit this all onto one page please." Well, we can't all be winners!

An attempt to make Quickswitch exciting. There are six panels, each panel being symbolically focused around one of his transformations. I'm not sure that's particularly clear, but Quickswitch was one of those characters who I thought more should have been done with.

Zero Point One
I wanted to write a Shockwave vs Xaaron story based on the Marvel UK comics. I'm not sure this one ever reached it's full potential actually. It's just sort of 'there' rather than making any sort of statement.

The Dweller on the Threshold
The Optimus Prime entry into my Armada series, this was an attempt to retell the end of Armada in the style of Twin Peaks. It found an artist who was apparently halfway through and told me it was looking amazing, and then he vanished D: Potentially he vanished into the Black Lodge!)

I hope you've enjoyed looking at what could (and should!) have been! As I said, if this inspires you to make someone, please be my guest (as long as you let me know!)

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  1. I would urge you to get "Plastic Birds Don't Fly" made, but how dare you insinuate Retrax is anything but pure perfection? D:

    (No but I had at least four hoots tracking down info on Cocksucker and Clamdiru.)