Thursday, 22 October 2015

Doctor Who: The Best Atlantis Destructions

Doctor Who is a television show that has over fifty years of continuity. What is remarkable is that (according to fans) this continuity meshes together perfectly into a singular narrative that proves dedication, foresight and planning.

With that in mind, let's look at the best destructions of Atlantis in Doctor Who!

The Underwater Menace
1967's The Underwater Menace sees the second Doctor arrive in Atlantis in the year 1970. Atlantis sunk beneath the waves hundreds of years ago, but the folk there had a lot of warning and so were able to prepare, and now eke out an underwater existence having waterproofed their city from the pressures of the sea.

The Atlanteans employ Professor Zaroff to raise Atlantis once more. Unfortunately Zaroff is completely insane and wants to blow up the entire world. His scenes are stopped, but the city of Atlantis is flooded. Also there are fish people.

This destruction of Atlantis is good becuase you get double the bang for your buck. We see that Atlantis was sunk in the past but also get to watch it flood in the present day, a must for all Atlantis fans (or would be if the BBC hadn't lost the final episode where it floods).

The Dæmons 
In 1971s 'The Dæmons', the Master summons the dæmon Azal, an ancient and powerful being whose form is so terrifying and unknown that it can only be comprehended by us mere mortals as looking like actor Stephen Thorne in a chest wig.

Azal has been secretly manipulating Earth for millennia, viewing the planet as an experiment. He threatens destruction upon all, pointing out what he did to his last failed experiment - Atlantis! We don't know if he used some sort of laser ray or just turned up and started kicking down buildings with his giant cloven hooves, but yes, it turns out that Satan was behind it all along!

It is unclear if there were any fish people.

The Time Monster
Producer Barry Letts knew what fans wanted! Not content with already writing a story where Atlantis was destroyed, he penned 'The Time Monster' just a year later in 1972.

The Doctor battles the Master through time, ending up in Atlantis in 1500 BC where the Master releases the chronovore Kronos. Atlantis is destroyed, not by flood or hairy Stephen Thorne, but by a man covered in foam padding with a lampshade on his head, flapping about on wires and squawking.
There were no fish people. Though there was a half-naked David Prowse with a bull's head.

Sadly, Atlantis hasn't yet reappeared in Doctor Who for another go at being destroyed. This is just another of lazy Stephen Moffat's crimes, as he is too selfish to blow up Atlantis and instead wants to write 'new' and 'original' things. My hope is that Atlantis will rise again once more (only to quickly sink again, of course).

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