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Sadly my old site is dead, so I have archived what I have been able to rescue here. A lot of it is quite old and not that great. It was a different time! Despite the post dates, most actually date from around '00 which is sort of really really scary and makes me want to cry.

If you have been brought here via a redirect, you're probably looking for some of the below, which I think are the highlights of the old site (obviously there's a lot more too):

The Armada jAaM Comic
Batman's Greatest Boner
Superman vs the Evil Hitler Twins
Skeletor's Secret Origin: The Search for Keldor
Paul Darrow Calendar
Thomas the Tank Engine Transformer
Transformers Marvel UK Comics Overview
The Second Secret of Doctor Who
Monster In My Pocket
Can MANTA Force Survive?
Mad German Transformers Comics
The Secret Diary of Generation 2 Jazz
Transformer Knockoffs
The Greatest Star Trek Figures
Who Is The Phantom Stranger?
Pretty terrible comics I made as a kid

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